The Village of Eagleville
A Small Town with a Big Tomorrow!


The Village of Eagleville is situated in the northern part of Harrison County Missouri and is located halfway between Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO.  Eagleville is a quiet, rural agricultural community located in Northwest Missouri.  Eagleville enjoys easy access to several larger cities along Interstate 35 and would be an ideal location for distribution centers, warehousing, small to mid-sized manufacturing facilities as well as restaurants, motels, and other travel related functions.

In 1844, Willis Bridges built the first house in what was to become Eagleville.  This house was located in the northeast part of town.  Around 1850, the number of settlers increased to such an extent that there was talk of establishing a trading point.  John P. King platted and surveyed the original town on August 28th 1851.  Lots were offered for sale in 1851 but no improvements appear to have been made that year.  In 1852, Thomas Shain erected a small log frame building in town that became a mercantile business.  The first post office was established in July 1853 with John Haynes as the postmaster.  The name of the post office was Eagle.  Postal records show the name was changed to Eagleville in April 1881.  Old tales indicate that Eagleville got its name from settlers who saw eagles nesting near town.
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